Mazie and McGill (Bonded Pair)

Mazie (girl) and McGill (boy) are siblings born on 2/13/2020 and are like two peas in a pod. They are very social, greet you when you come home and love to be around people. They do great with kids, dogs and other cats. McGill is a lover, enjoys having his face brushed and belly rubbed. He can be sneaky and likes to try and go outside to roll around so you have to be careful when exiting outdoors. Mazie is more reserved than her adventurous brother. Once you gain her trust she will be your best buddy and snuggle up with you on the couch. She also enjoys sleeping on her back spread eagle. She doesn’t care to be petted too much or held a lot but she will let you do both…just not for long periods of time. They are entertaining to watch, sweet, loving and have great personalities. They have gone back and forth between two foster families over the past year and need to find a loving forever home that will keep the pair together. They come with everything from kitty litter boxes, cat tower, crates, toys, etc. They are spayed and neutered.

Additional Information


Spayed Female Neutered Male


15 months old


DSH - Tabby

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Additional information


Spayed Female
Neutered Male


15 months old


DSH – Tabby